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Intermediary of the project is a civic association SVĚTÝLKA CA (“Lights”) based in Prague. The author of the project is the fairy Fairytale. She has started the project "Love to Fukushima and the World" in cooperation with the Fairyland of the fairy Fairytale, DELFINO CA and SAMAJA CA, to offer a loving support to the affected people, flora & fauna in the Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.

This year, the March 11th will mark the first anniversary of this sad huge natural disaster and subsequent serious Fukushima nuclear plant accident. Therefore, the fairy Fairytale has officially and publicly announced the project of loving assistance to the affected area (on February 14th, 2012) .

Dr. Masaru Emoto, the world-famous Japanese researcher, proved with his fascinating research of “ordinary” water, that water is able to respond to the soul and the essence of words and their morphogenetic field. http://www.)

Like water, so does all the fauna & flora, and even “inanimate matter” (earth, rocks, air, etc.) react in the same way. By broadcasting their own positive energy, people can change more than just their surroundings. This energy is not subject to the laws researched by the mainstream science and can affect (cure) people thousand of kilometers far away in a second.

Who is it among us, human beings, who has the most positive, frank and purest energy? CHILDREN. Only children can truly love with their innate innocence and say what they feel, what they think and how they understand things. Unfortunately, it is only until their purity is "crushed" by the energy of adults, who live next to them. Then they begin to feel, think and understand things the way these adults want them to.

Therefore, we approach children from around the world through the schools, leisure centers, the media and the press, to participate in drawing pictures expressing love for people, animals, flowers, trees, water, soil and air. The innate life-giving energy and love of the child will leave an imprint in the drawing as a rubber stamp, this love energy will radiate on the areas affected by the disaster in the vicinity of the Fukushima I. nuclear plant and positively influence and accelerate the processes of reconstruction of everything "inanimate", and healing of all the "living." Each child will add its signature to the drawing (the first name is enough), indicating their age, city and country, and also a little heart as an international symbol of love and compassion that does not require translation.

Drawings from around the world will be concentrated in the Studio Topolka by August 31, 2012. After that, along with a message of the fairy Fairytales for the Japanese children, they will be exposed in public places of the Fukushima Prefecture.

Likewise, a detailed report on the project will be made. This report, together with the message from the Fairyland of the fairy Fairytales will be sent to the giant Rio+20 UN Summit in Rio de Janeiro, held in June 2012

Join us too.

Project opening: Feb 14, 2012 

Project ending: Aug 31, 2012

Address to send your pictures:

                        STUDIO TOPOLKA
                        Na Topolce 1178/16
140 00
    PRAGUE 4 - Podolí



For an explanation of the symbolism of the logo "LOVE TO FUKUSHIMA" 
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